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Phil specializes in succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, strategic talent acquisition, and practice management consulting.

  • Maintains solid relationships with leadership at many of the Top 100 firms in the country, as well as over 250+ firms beyond the Top 100.

  • Firm management experience ranges from three partners, twelve employees, and $2 million in annual revenues to one of the Top 30 CPA firms in the nation with 48 partners, 400 employees, and almost $100 million in annual revenues.

  • Phil is a member of the NYSSCPAs, immediate past Chair of the Management of the Profession Oversight Committee, an active member of the Large and Medium Firm Practice Management Committee, and former Chair of the Human Resource Committee.

  • Chief Operating Officer of one of the Top 30 CPA firms in the Nation.

  • 25-year veteran in public accounting, having worked with top management in overseeing day-to-day operations to ensure efficiency and profitability.

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David is a nationally recognized leader who earned a spot on Fortune’s Best Small Workplace list, was a Fortune Small Business Magazine “Boss of the Year” finalist, and gained his company a place on the Winning Workplaces list. He is focused on building the community culture and strategy for the C-Suite family of companies.

  • Helped a company grow from $5 million to $13 million in three years.

  • Published author of Narrow Focus Big Results and The Micro-Niche Method: The Pathway to Premium Pricing and Increased Profitability for Today’s CPAs.

  • Strategically helped a firm expand from two consultants to 14 in a four-year period.

  • Facilitated the transformation of a non-functional leadership team into a cohesive group, enabling them to sell their business for premium dollars.

  • Quadrupled the sales pipeline of a major client and sustainably grew the team from two to seven.

Phil and David’s Story


Both David Wolfskehl and Phil Whitman worked with CPA firms. David discovered Phil while researching leaders on LinkedIn and requested a connection. Together, they developed a great, professional relationship. For five years they met for lunches, mentor discussions and worked together on a few joint business deals.

Phil shared a vision for creating a larger business and David saw an opportunity to help build out the processes and people to bring this vision to reality. So, they decided to come together and form C-Suite Impact to create magic. They went from two solopreneurs to building an organization of 50 people. Working together allows greater value and deep expertise to firms who are seeking to grow their profitability, add services to their customers, and need help with their business succession planning.

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