C-Suite IMPACT CFOs develops and implements the strategies that help you reach your business’s growth, performance, and financial goals.


We find that most organizations don’t need a full time CFO. Often, fractional CFOs are needed to parachute into chaos and sort out a firm’s financial situation. Our approach is to use a team of fractional CFOs throughout the month that provide business and financial expertise, do the higher level thinking, and allow the accounting team to do the day-to-day activities. We believe “the numbers” tell a story and a good fractional CFO explores the story of the finances.


Pete is a tenacious business development executive with over 20 years of experience generating growth across a diverse portfolio of organizations in various industries such as retail, technology, and regulatory compliance training.  His demonstrated expertise leading process improvements have driven operational transformation. Diligence in customer experience, and cultivating both internal and external relationships has led a track record of entrepreneurial success, consistently scaling revenue, and has earned him multiple recognitions for delivering exceptional performance. With the capacity and aptitude for understanding people's mindsets, Pete identifies and addresses pain points of clients, customers, and employees, leveraging data to enhance engagement and retention.

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C-Suite Impact CFOs

Steve Clark@2x

Fractional CFO
C-Suite Impact CFOs

Michael Wirth@2x

Fractional CFO
C-Suite Impact CFOs

Nathan Fong@2x

Fractional CFO
C-Suite Impact CFOs

John Cross

Fractional CFO
C-Suite Impact CFOs

C-Suite IMPACT Deal Makers

This is a team of highly accomplished transactional experts, providing top-tier sell-side and buy-side M&A advisory services to our firm’s clients. They are widely experienced at executing various deal structures, including asset or stock sales, majority / minority recapitalizations, equity capital raises and portfolio acquisitions or divestitures. With their deep functional expertise, this team has a proven track record of success at executing growth initiatives for clients across multiple industries.

C-Suite IMPACT Deal Makers helps you raise capital, find a strategic partner, and maximize the selling price of your business.


Jeffrey Brenner is a highly accomplished senior executive with more than 35 years of experience in managing the financial and operational functions of major corporations as well as emerging and midsize entrepreneurial companies. Jeff has served as an outsourced CFO, overall adviser to early stage and middle market companies and an investment banker focusing on M&A and capital raising activities prior to joining C-Suite IMPACT Deal Makers. Jeff’s focus on increasing profitability, increasing cash flow and increasing operational efficiency, enables him to formulate big picture M&A strategy with the details needed to achieve the best results for every client. His detailed focus on profits, processes, and people that he brings to each client has produced consistent results in the area of M&A and capital raising. During Jeff’s career he held the positions of CFO & COO of IBS Interactive, an internet company he took public. In addition, he was CFO of Database America, a major direct marketing database company and Director of Finance and Administration, Employer Services Division, for ADP Inc.


Marcus brings to the C-Suite team an exceptional background in M&A, joint ventures and capital raising.  His transactional experience spans both the investment banking sell-side and corporate development buy-side – predominantly in the healthcare, technology and manufacturing industries.  Marcus specializes in deal sourcing, structuring and execution, and has provided M&A leadership at multiple public Fortune 500 and privately owned companies.  To date, he has successfully executed 51 transactions collectively valued at over $1.6 billion.  His expertise will be a tremendous asset to our clients as we continue to drive impactful deals and strategies.

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Jeffrey Brenner

Senior Managing Director
C-Suite Impact Deal Makers

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Managing Director
C-Suite Impact Deal Makers

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C-Suite IMPACT Sales Support

An amazing team built of inside marketing and sales support team members. We specialize in outbound prospecting, cold-to-warm lead development, and help our clients book new prospect meetings. We are a powerhouse to drive new opportunities for our clients.


Gino is a highly experienced professional with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Economics from the University of the Philippines. With over 8 years of combined expertise in talent acquisition, business development, and marketing, he has established himself as a versatile and knowledgeable individual in the field. Throughout his career, Gino has worked remotely with various international companies, gaining valuable insights and developing a global perspective. In December 2020, he assumed the role of Sales Support Manager at Impact Sales Support, where he played a crucial role in providing assistance to the expanding family of companies at C-Suite IMPACT.


Currently, he serves as a proficient manager overseeing the sales and marketing outreach campaigns for multiple companies operating under the C-Suite IMPACT brand. His dedication lies in continuously acquiring new knowledge to streamline processes and enhance productivity. Gino is driven by a passion for personal and professional growth, constantly seeking opportunities to learn and implement innovative strategies that yield positive results. With his well-rounded skill set and commitment to excellence, he remains an asset to any organization he collaborates with.

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Gino Lopez

Sales Support Manager
C-Suite Impact Sales Support

Yani Tan - 1

Executive Assistant/Social Media Manager
C-Suite Impact


Brand Manager
C-Suite Impact

Alyzza Beatriz Foz C-Suite Impact@2x

Brand Manager
C-Suite Impact

Yael Delcano

Admin Support
C-Suite Impact

Many business owners get frustrated when company growth stalls. Others feel anxious as fast growth leads to chaos and mounting risk. Don’t let demands on your time, attention, and cashflow keep you up at night. Using proven processes, best practices, and data-driven tools, we help business owners build a more valuable and more profitable business – giving them the freedom they deserve.

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The son of immigrants, Doron grew up in an entrepreneurial family. He worked in the food industry, in both retail and wholesale manufacturing from a very young age. Over the years, he covered everything from sweeping floors, optimizing automated production, to negotiating with customers and suppliers. After moving overseas from New Jersey in the 1990s, Doron spent 15 years working in International high-tech companies, where he held leadership roles in startups and large enterprises. After surviving both the dot-com crash and the collapse of the global financial services market, Doron decided to pursue his solo entrepreneurial ambitions. That year, he founded Next Brands Group, Inc., a strategy, marketing, and promotional agency based in Tel Aviv and Fort Lauderdale. In 2013, Doron sold the marketing and promotional division of Next Brands, creating River Run Consulting Group to concentrate on business strategy, management systems, and processes. In 2022, River Run rebranded as Impact Business Builders.


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Impact Business Builders

Tim Croll Impact Business Builders@2x

Managing Director
Impact Business Builders


Impact Global Solutions is dedicated to guiding CPA firms through every phase of their outsourcing journey. As seasoned advisors, we specialize in delivering comprehensive outsourcing readiness assessments, crafting strategic roadmaps tailored to each firm's unique goals, and conducting impactful workshops and training. Our expertise extends to optimizing offshore teams, ensuring seamless integration and maximized efficiency. 

Partnering with us means unlocking your firm's full potential in the global marketplace, powered by strategic insights and bespoke solutions designed for success in outsourcing endeavors. Let's navigate the path to your firm's transformation together, with Impact Global Solutions leading the way.


As a Strategic Outsourcing Advisor, Laurence specializes in empowering CPA firms to optimize their outsourcing initiatives, bridging domestic talent shortages, and maximizing profitability. With a focus on integrating offshore Tax, Accounting, and Audit resources into U.S. firms, he delivers an effective partnership between in-house and outsourced teams.


With experience that spans over a decade, Laurence has gained a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by U.S. CPA firms. As a Preferred Strategic Partner of Whitman Transition Advisors, he has been trusted to provide expert guidance to firms seeking to enhance their outsourcing capabilities.


Outsourcing Readiness Assessment / Strategic Roadmaps / Workshops & Trainings / Offshore Team Optimization

IMPACT Healthcare Advisors

A team that helps healthcare leaders and medical practice owners improve profitability and operations, plan strategically for the future, and achieve their organizational goals.

Helping physician practices working in hospitals on mergers and in the insurance company arena.  This includes varied and special expertise that optimizes patient and hospital practices to run efficiently and profitably. The team helps doctors focus on patient care while ensuring the operations are well-run and effective.

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IMPACT Legal Resources is your partner throughout all stages of your firm’s lifecycle helping you on the path to success.  The focus is on three core areas: Growth, Performance, and Succession. These areas are addressed by recruitment services, back-office management, performance analysis, and end of firm support.


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Led by Barry Jackson, former president of the ALA New York and author of the book 'Best Practices in Practice Management', Barry provides expert legal advice to clients.  He is a trusted Executive Director/COO who is Principal of Best Practices in Legal Management published by the NYSBA with demonstrated success in building great management teams and bringing fresh approaches to management of law firms.

His team provides fractional financial and operational support for law firms of all sizes. He has reduced expenses of over $6.3 million over eight years by monitoring headcount, insurance, and benefits. 


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IMPACT Strategic Funding

The firm focuses on assessing and providing commercial funding that includes non-traditional funding sources for organizations. For example, when a customer might be analyzing the cost to buy or renovate a new commercial or industrial space, they may need unique or specialized funding sources not available from traditional banks. As a result, the team has a wide reach in finding the right funding solution with multiple options.


Cristine, a former music educator turned financial manager and consultant, helps business clients succeed by creating lending solutions. She has experience in various industries and has been involved in funding ESOPs. Cristine also serves as a Board Member of the Upstate New York TMA. She conducts due diligence analysis, reviews options, and provides support throughout the financing process. Her experience, creativity, and network help her achieve the best possible outcomes for financing requests.

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Managing Director
Impact Strategic Funding


Managing Director
Impact Strategic Funding

Jeff Kraft

Managing Director
Impact Strategic Funding

Whitman Transition Advisors

A Team of Excellence. Whitman Transition Advisors come together to offer the most comprehensive and robust suite of services focused completely on CPA firms. All of our services are customized for your firm, which ensures we can deliver the most innovative and targeted solutions.

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Phil is the CEO and President of the largest consulting firm that works exclusively with CPA firms in the Nation, perhaps the World!  He started is career as an auditor at Price Waterhouse Cooper, now PWC, and was a "tax guy" at a large international CPA firm.  Ultimately, one of his clients, a law firm, convinced him to join their team as their Chief Operating Officer, and so, his practice management career was born.  After six years of running law firms in NYC, Phil transitioned over to the CPA firm arena, where he worked at a Real Estate boutique, then a Health Care and Not-for-Profit speciality firm, and ultimately, a then Top-25 firm in the Nation.  


For the first six years, life at Whitman Business Advisors was just Phil and a stay at home mom.  In 2015, he was joined by David Wolfskehl, and WBA grew to 15 consultants.  In January of 2022, a merger with their largest competitor, Transition Advisors happened and Whitman Transition Advisors was born.  

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