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About C-Suite IMPACT Dealmakers

Your link between goals and success

C-Suite Deal Makers is your partner when you need to find the right resource to raise capital to grow, raise debt, sell your business, and raise funds for real estate. When you work with us, you are connected to a vast network of specialists who can help your business venture succeed.

Working with the right people matters. C-Suite Deal Makers ensures you are not limited by your demographic area or current network. We will evaluate your unique situation and connect you with the right resources for your opportunity and organization. We work with you through the entire process to help you ring the bell of success.

We are more than advisors—we are your link between your opportunity, the most IMPACTful solution, and success. 

C-Suite Team

Meet Your IMPACT Dealmakers

Our Team of Excellence and Experience

David Wolfskehl
and Founding Partner C-Suite IMPACT
Philip J. Whitman, CPA
and Founding Partner C-Suite IMPACT
Jay Feldman
Managing Director for C-Suite Deal Makers and Executive Coach